How to get service?

COMESOON After-sales Service Terms and Guide

1. COMESOON provides after-sales service for all products sold on our store either our website or our ISO/Android Shopping APP. 

2. Each product has a warranty period and service condition specifies in each product’s detail page, this will be considered our service term for this product when there is after-sales service claim arises.

3. Following are the after-sales service standard procedures.


4. How to submit an after-sales service claim in your account?
Click <After-sales Service> in MY ACCOUNT page. In RMA-PRODUCT RETURNS page, You can Click Request New RMA to submit a service request.

a. Choose the order you want to submit a service request.
b. Select the product you want to submit the service request by ticking the check box, and fill in the defective product numbers.
c. Choose Package Condition to be Open and Used or Closed and your prefer After-sales Resolutions.
d. Choose a reason
e. Write your detail description of the defect.
f. Upload pictures/files, if there are more than one file/picture, please compress them in a zip file or PDF/DOC file to submit.
g. Please read our After-sales Service Terms, and click the accept Policy check box.
h. Submit request and then Our service team will handle the claim within 24 hours and give you a solution basing on the issue analysis.


5. In RMA-PRODUCT RETURNS page, you can check the After-sales Service Requests and status of each request, or you can cancel the request.



6. In the view RMA page you will be able to check the status of the request and update the status, or starts a new chat regarding this request and upload more materials.