How to shop?

1. How to search products
2. “Quick Shop”
3. Category View
4. Product Detail Page
5. Shopping Cart
6. Check Out(No Online Payment Needed)
7. Order Confirmation
8. Payment instructions
9. Shipping


How to search products
A.Search Bar.
a)Type keywords in the search bar;
b)You can use the left category drop down menu to position the exact category if you need but usually no necessary;
c)Click search button;

B. Search Results
A. The search results will show as grid or list view.
B. Left Filter Column are the filters for exact results (For example Category, Color, Material, Application, Size, etc), when you click any of filters it shows products matches this filter, you might also click multi filters to narrow the search results.
C. Price Scope: You can move the start and end circle to narrow the price scope;
D. Sorting: You can use following attributes to sort the results
a) Relevance: most relevant
b) Name: name relevant
c) Product Code: product code sequence
d) Price: low to high / high to low
e) Production Time(Days): short to long or long to short
f) Sorting Direction: click to change direction



C. Grid View : you will be able to see follow information
a) Product Picture: Click the picture can open product detail page.
b) Product Name: Click the name can open product detail page.
c) Product Code: This is unique to identify our products
d) Min. Order Qty: This is the minimum quantity you need to order for this product
e) Price Base on Per: This is the unit count for this product price
f) Production Time: This is the production time for this product, plus the shipment time will be the total time you can get the product.
g) Product Price: This is the normal price for the price base on the define unit
h) Product Tier Price: This is the tier price if you order more than the tier level



2. User-friendly features “Quick Shop”

Flow the mouse on the product picture, there will be four small buttons. “QUICK SHOP”“ADD TO CART” “Add to wish list” and “Add to compare”

“QUICK SHOP” : to show a Pop up window with product detail quick view page without leaving the Main page.

“ADD TO CART” to put the product into shopping cart without leaving the main page.


3. Category View
Flow on the category drop down menu to the sub menus as deep as possible, choose and click the category you want to see.
Product category view listing page have same information and filters as search page.



4.Product Detail Page.

Picture Frame
Move on the picture to zone in to get a better look at the picture.
Click + to open a pop-up window to view the pictures
Click the small icons to switch the picture

Quick Overview
Product Name
Write review of the product
Refer to a friend
Min. Order Qty: This is the minimum quantity you need to order for this product
Price Base on Per: This is the unit count for this product price
Production Time: This is the production time for this product
Product Code: This is unique code to identify our products

Quick Overview: Brief introduction and features of this product.

Options: Some product has options for sizes, color, voltage, plug etc which you can choose the one you need.

Quantity: Usually default filled with Min. Order Qty, you can fill any quantity you need but must be more than the Min. Order Qty requirement.

Product Price: This is the normal price for the price base on the define unit
Product Tier Price: This is the tier price if you order more than the tier level
Add to cart: after filling the quantity and selecting the options, click to add to cart.

Detail Information Block
Detail: shows product detail description
Specification: shows product standard specifications
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for this product.
Tag: Product Tags of this product.
Warranty: the warranty conditions of this product.

Reviews regarding this product
You can write your review about this product in this block



Mini Shopping Cart
Flow to the right top shopping box to check the total amount and CBM(m3) / weight sum in the shopping cart for the product which have been selected. We show the volume for each size of container for your reference to plan your shipment.



Shopping Cart Detail Page
Click the mini shopping cart icon to enter detail shopping cart page.
CBM and Weight sum of the items in the shopping cart.
You can change the quantity, edit the options, or remove the item from shopping cart.
After making changes, click Update Shopping Cart to see the new total.


Afte you finish the products selection and shipping charge selection, please click the mini shopping cart to enter the detail shopping cart page, recheck the orders, and proceed to check out.



6.Check Out (No Online Payment Needed)
a) If you do not have account in our website yet, please click Register to register an account.(how to create an account?)
b) If you already register in our website, you can login using the account email and password;

c) Choose the billing address, you can ship to this same address or ship to a different address and continue to choose or create a new address to ship the goods.

d) Shipping Method: Right now we only accept ocean container shipment method. 


e) Payment Information: Our system is an online order system which dose not includes the online payment process, you just need to Place Order(No payment info request, our staff will contact you for payment instructions). (See payment instructions here)

f) Please name Purchase Order Number for your reference only


g) Order Review: double check your orders, if you need to change the order, please click Edit Your Cart below the Place Order button to change and continue the checkout process. 

Please Click here to see how to manage and track your orders.



7. Order Confirmation

After the order has been placed, our team will analyze your order and contact you for followings.
a) To check your country’s electrical or safety standards to make sure the products matches the request;
b) To check the customized product specification if there is any in your order;
c) To check shipment plan for your order;
d) You can check and reconfigure your orders in MY ACCOUNT/My Orders Page before final order confirm;
e) To confirm the final order as an agreement;
f) To give you payment instructions which you can cross check with website instructions;

Very Important Notice:
When you confirm the final order and arrange deposit payments, the order will be considered a signed agreement, and you will not be able to make any changes of this order.


8. Payment instructions

Right now we accept following payment methods: (Click here to learn more about these payment methods.)
a) Credit Cards (MASTER/VISA/UNIONPAY / AMEX / DISCOVER) handled by Paypal;
c) Wester Union / MoneyGram;
d) Letter of Credit(offline traditional bank guarantee payment just like Paypal);
e) Bank Transfers(offline traditional bank payments).

Account for above each payment methods will be listed in our website check out page and the order confirmation email from our system, please cross check and make sure you get the right payment instructions.

You need to pay 30% of total order value as deposit payment for the production arrangements when the order confirms;
And the rest 70% to be paid when the production is finished and inspection report sends to you.



9. Shipping
A. When will I receive my order?
Production time + Shipment time +Your country import and deliver time=Total time you can receive your container
a) Production time: each product has a production time in the description in both listing page and detail page. The longest production time of the product you choose in your shopping cart will be considered as the whole order’s production time.
b) Shipment time: Each Shipping freight has a shipment day which you can see from the name of the freight and the freight detail page, this is the time the container will be on the boat.
c) Your country import and deliver time: after your container arrives at your country, the import agent can help with the CUSTOMS clearance work and the truck to take the container to your desire destination on your own expesnes, this usually takes 2-10 days depends on your country’s regulations and efficiency of the government.

B. Delivery Destinations
Rightnow we cooperate with the most advantage of regional shipping lines, offer the optimal price and service for the worldwide shipments. (Click here to see the ports and countries we are able to fulfill the delivery).

C. Shipping Freight
a) In our store we offer shipping freight for most of the ports/countries around the world.
b) Search shipping freight: You can put your country in the search bar and search, in the search result page use left category filters to locate your country, and then select your closest port or your country’s biggest port which is faster or according to shipping days and shipping freight.

c) Shipping freight detail page:
i. Quick Overview: shipping freight includes and excludes brief, your country import special requirements, etc.
Usually our shipping freight includes: Ocean Freight, Departure Trucking, Departure Port Charge, Departure Customs Charge.
Excludes: Destination Port Charge, Destination Port to Door Trucking, Destination Port Customs Charge & Duty
Your country import special requirements: depends on different countries there will be different requirements, like some Africa and middle east countries request PSI, CoC, DI, PVOC, SONCAP , CIQ, SASO, VoR, KUCAS-TIR, these services will be on buyers’ expenses, however we can help to arrange third party to do these process and issue the certificate, the expenses will be varies for different countries and different goods of your order, our team will contact you after you place the order in our store and give you solution and quote for the service.
ii. Container Type: You need to choose the container type to ship your goods base on the Shopping Cart automatic calculations. Right now we offer four types dry cargo containers as follows in different rates:
20GP (Max:26m3) (Max:16000kg)
20HD (Max:26m3) (Max:27500kg)
40GP (Max:58m3) (Max:27500kg)
40HQ (Max:68m3) (Max:27500kg)
d) After selected the container type and fill in the quantity, you can ADD TO CART to see the total order amount includes the shipping freight and check out.